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Our network has more than 60,000 pharmacies, including many national chain pharmacies. You can search our network to find a retail pharmacy near you.

Help me locate a pharmacy 1

Where you buy prescription drugs may affect the amount you pay out of your own pocket.* Look for retail pharmacies that are marked “preferred.” At our preferred pharmacies, like Walgreens, you’ll pay less for your covered prescriptions than you would pay at a “standard” retail pharmacy. You’ll save at least $5 each time you fill a 30-day prescription for most drugs.

*Please note, if you have the Passage Dual(in 2020 Choice Dual) Special Needs Plan, your cost-share for prescription drugs will not change no matter where you buy your Part D prescription drugs. This includes our “preferred” or “standard” pharmacies, mail order, long term care or home infusion.

Home delivery (mail order)

You can get most medications you take on a regular basis delivered to your home. It’s convenient and may save you money. You’ll pay less for a 90-day supply of most drugs than you would for a 90-day supply of the same drug at a retail pharmacy. (Tier 5 specialty drugs are limited to a 30-day supply.) You can set up home delivery online through Express Scripts Pharmacy, the company that manages this service for us.

Set up home delivery

You can also fill out this home delivery order form (formulario de pedido de entrega a domicilio) and mail it to Express Scripts to get started. Or, you can ask your doctor to fax prescriptions to 1-800-837-0959. Please note, only doctors can fax prescriptions to this fax number.

The first time you fill a prescription through home delivery, you can expect your order within 14 calendar days from the time the Express Scripts gets your prescription. So please be sure to have a 30-day supply of your medication on hand when you set up home delivery. Refills generally take three to five days to ship.

If you have any questions about home delivery or need to order refills, call 1-877-866-5828 (TTY:1-800-899-2114) anytime day or night.

Out-of-network prescription drug coverage

We only cover prescriptions filled at an out-of-network pharmacy on a limited basis. Examples of this may include, but are not limited to: 

  • When you get sick when you’re traveling outside your plan’s service and need medication, but there is no in-network pharmacy available, or

  • You forget to bring your medications or lose them while you’re outside of your plan’s service area.

You can get covered Part D drugs from an out-of-network pharmacy in those situations, but you will need to pay your plan’s applicable copayments/coinsurances and the difference between what we would pay for a prescription filled at an in-network pharmacy and what the out-of-network pharmacy charged.

Before you get your medications from at an out-of-network pharmacy, please contact us to see if there is an in-network pharmacy available.

1 Want a provider/pharmacy directory mailed to you? Contact us to let us know.

Last Update 10/1/2019